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At work i’ve got an Ultra wide curved 49 inch screen, is there an option to open the dev modus (code panel) to the right instead of the bottom?
would be much easier for me to work.

kind regards,
Kristof Volkaerts.

Currently the various panels in the Editor are fixed position. See Velo: Working in the Code Panel regarding the Code panel.

Wix is constantly working on improving the developer experience. Feel free to make your voice heard. The Wishlist Page is the official platform for requesting new features. You can vote, comment, and track the status of the requested features.

Hi @yisrael-wix ,

Thanks for the quick response.
I had a feeling that option wasn’t available.

I made a request as you said.

kind regards,

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Edited some code in the Console,
Got it side by side now :stuck_out_tongue:


@volkaertskristof That’s a nice alternative to the standard solution of rotating monitor 90 degrees. Do not hesitate to share your solution in the “Tips, tutorials & examples”-section.

never tought about rotating my screen, but the screen is 1.2m wide so turning it 90 degrees would be a pain for my neck :stuck_out_tongue:
And will try to expain the solution in “Tips,tutorials & examples”

Kind regards,

No reason at all to rotate the screen. Just work from bed (ie. rotate yourself). Perfect for WFH mode. And no reason to change out of your pajamas. One disadvantage though is it’s tough to drink beer while laying down. And drinking beer with a straw? No way!

Just lay on your back and poor it in your mouth.
Problem is… you have to aim pretty good to not spill any precious beer!