Different size across monitors

I’ve created my Wix Studio website on desktop (primary) and I used the Responsive AI to change the size for tablet and mobile and after some changes I was happy with the result. However, I have another problem. When I open my Website on a monitor, it all stretches across all corners which doesn’t look right. Is there a way to just make the header as wide as the monitor, but the rest to be more in the middle and to take just 1/3 of the screen, so its more compact just like in the wix studio editor?

This is how I want the published version to look like:

Thanks for help in advance!

Without knowing exactly how you set up the site, I would suggest clicking on the columns/images/elements and deselecting the double arrow stretch icon. Hopefully that solves your problem!

Thanks for the help, but this doesn’t quite solve my issue.
What I really want is to have some “imaginary guidelines” only in the middle in the screen, which limits the width of all the content (not only one picture that won’t be bigger). When I open my published website, everything looks too “wide”.
That’s what I mean by too “wide”. It just doesn’t look right and the pictures and text are very stretched out.

I would like the content to be constraint in these “imaginary guidelines”. Something like the screenshot shared before…

Thanks again for the help!

In studio you can set the scaling and sizing of elements.
So if you want them to not be responsive you would set the responsive behavior to fixed and set the size.