Display element on one page only

I am trying to post a decorative element in the vertical menu container.

I want the element to display on each page, but I want the element’s color to be different on each page. How do I change the element’s color on one page only? Whenever I change it on one page, it changes on all of them.


at this point, it is not possible to set separate element as master element, but you can vote for this feature here:
along with your requirement to have the element different look on each page, this will be different element on each page, in case the design is not the same.
You can try using element as the design asset and change the color across the pages

Thanks Andrew, but I wasn’t clear. I want the mobile/tablet menu on one page to look like this:

and on another page to look like this:

But if I make the car yellow on one page, it becomes yellow on all the pages. If I make the house yellow on one page, it becomes yellow on all of them. If I click “don’t display” on one page, the icons stop displaying on all of them.

Thank you for more info!
principle will remain the same, but along with this, I can offer you to use two separate menus on each of the pages
in case the menu belongs to the header, you can just use two master headers, it will take extra setup, but it won’t take much time and should work for you, here is the additional information on Master’s setup: