Do I get anything 'MORE' in the product page slideshow style if the site is premium?

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Thank you for asking about your product gallery.

All designs and styles are the same for all the tiers of Wix. We are working on adding more controls and design options.

Was there a particular design or layout that you were looking for?

I am looking for a simple slider/slideshow, with bullet navigation underneath the slideshow to be used on product page which can be edited on every custom breakpoints.

The ready to use product page design on Editor-x is not editable on laptop (1366 px) view which is eating up too much space and looks cluttered. On mobile view, the size of slideshow becomes too small with arrow navigation on both sides.
I tried to make custom dynamic product pages with available slideshow. But then, on mobile view, If i put the arrow navigation button off, the size of the image increases but it looks unprofessional without any of navigation symbol.

Since most of the viewers are using laptop and mobile, the product page design on both these platforms become unacceptable.

I am Dana from the Editor X Product Team.

To better understand how to assist, c an you please share a screenshot of your dynamic pages with and without the arrows?

We have plans for adding a new slider layout for repeaters in the future. We will also support design per breakpoint of Store widgets, but let’s find a good solution by then.


Hi Dana, Thanks for your quick response

I am sending a Screen shot

Hi Dana
I forgot to mention… all the original images are of same size (1000x1000px), and all the different images here are taking almost full width space.

This is a screen shot of mobile view from editorx default product page. To accomodate some paddind beside the product information i added vertical section and the slider image gets reduced, although the size is within acceptable range.

But at 1366px (see image below), the size of the images go out of control, a major portion goes below the fold which is unacceptable …and we do not have any control over the design.