Do you also get a login problem on the members area?

I have two websites, one in Wix Editor and the other in Editor X, where login often doesn’t work the first time, but it does work the second time, both on iPad and Desktop. Here is an example video from the Editor X site. I tap on sign in, but after completing details I’m not actually logged in, and I need to do it again before it works :confused:

Hi Michiel, contact our customer care team so they can have a look.

Thanks Steven, I tend to try to look at these things myself first, because I’ve only been successful with customer service for a part the issues that I’ve contacted them for. Often I find workarounds myself.

What I’ve found with this particular issue is that it especially happens with Autologin on the iPad. Sometimes FaceId will fill in the details for you, and then also auto clicks the login button for you. Somehow this causes the login to fail. On a retry, it will then still fill in the details but not click the login, and it works.

I haven’t found a workaround for this one yet

@verbaldancing is this happening in Members Area for both Editor X and Wix Editor? Or is it currently only on Editor X?

Hi @stevenjose , it’s on both of the members area’s of Wix and Editor X, for touch ID and Face Id, but only when the login button is auto pressed.