Google Login and Editor Issues

Logging in as a member to Wix through google seems to work fine, but doing so directly through a personal webpage portal seems to be broken in Firefox, Chrome and current Microsoft Edge as of 01/07/2021 and still is as of today 01/07/2021 PST. Pages are published so I am posting this notice so tech support can look into it.

However, there is also the other issue. Even after manual login as of as of today 01/07/2021 PST with Wix membership account, I had to log in again to post this here where before I only had to log in for editing and could access these and other pages on Wix. This is not the case currently.

As far as editor is concerned, when editing text for more than 30 minutes it is occurring on Firefox, Chrome and current Microsoft Edge that spell check seems to time out or refuses to accept corrections forcing a need to save page manually and then refreshing the page and wait extended times for reload.

I have explained the issues clearly enough so I do not require a reply. Please be sure to look into this and best wishes to admin and tech support, as well as their friends and families. Be safe and be healthy.

Mr. Skull.

This is not the place for tech support so its best you contact support directly: