Docking - why won´t it stick?

Hi all,
I have a problem that´s driving me crazy!
I´ve made a page with 4 columns and maybe 50 rows.
In every 3rd row, I have a picture, all the same size.
So, in the grid, I chose the pics to dock (attach) to top and left of the grid “box”, with zero pixels.
But, one day or week later they are not attached like that anymore.
Also, I choose the pix to not stretch, and , anyway, Wix after a while - when I go back to the page, stretch them, and the result is horrible.
If anyone has a solution for this, I´d be eternally grateful, since atm I have fix, and redo, and fix this and similar pages over and over again.

Hey @carlo-laszlo , can you provide some more details on what you’re trying to achieve and maybe share a url? There seems to be a couple of issues you’re having trouble with.
Also, note that once you’ve docked an element and you slightly move it, Auto Docking may change the previous docking you had (depending on your element’s position).

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for responding.
I am trying to achieve a page with at step-by-step guide, with text/pic, text/pic etc. And it should look good and tidy for screen, iPad and mobile.
But I am going insane, since it seems that everytime I leave the page, a few days later something has changed, without anyone interfering with it. And when I try to start to fix the first error, there are “ripples” of new errors through the documents that needs to be fixed. And instead of a 2 minute fix, it takes hours.
Here is the url:
Thank you

It looks like your section has a huge min-height that should be removed.
Due to the fact that you’re using a Grid, the section’s height might enlarge your grid rows and cause the extra space.

In addition, your layout looks like a classic case for a Repeater.
Therefore, I would suggest to change it to a Repeater for easier future adjustments.
If you keep the Grid that’s fine as well, just keep in mind that you’ll have to change everything manually.

Thank you very much, I will try what you suggest in a while.

Hi Jonathan,
I have tried the Repeater a bit, and it seems to be a good idea.
Just a question.
Let´s say I make 15 pictures with captions in a how-to-description.
What if:
a. we need to delete picture 5, is that doable?
b. we need to add a new picture between 11 and 12 (11.1), is that doable?
I appreciate your answer!
BTW, what time zone are you in? CET here…
Take care!

Solved it :slight_smile:

@carlo-laszlo Glad to hear!
And I’m UTC+2