Does Wix Have a Points System for Staff Members?

Hello Wix Community,

I’m reaching out to see if anyone knows whether Wix offers a points system for staff members, or if there’s a way to implement such a system.

Let me give you some context about our business:

About OB Great:
OB Great is a platform dedicated to providing motivation and encouragement services. We offer 30-minute sessions for just $5, making it accessible for everyone to find the support they need. Additionally, we offer paid tutoring services to cater to various educational needs.

Our Incentive Program:
We are looking to adopt an incentive program where points are allocated to each staff member (influencer) for every session they complete. These points can then be redeemed for items in our store. Our store features natural and holistic products such as:

  • Handmade soaps made with organic fresh goat’s milk and natural fragrances
  • Body butters with cocoa butter
  • And many more high-quality, natural items

Future Plans:
We also plan to partner with other businesses to expand our offerings, providing even more options for our staff members to redeem their points for more goods!

Our Mission:
Helping to encourage the world one voice at a time, while promoting a new way to look at living a cleaner life, through more natural, high-quality products.

Our Offering:
90% of Our Sessions are Only $5: We offer 30-minute sessions for just $5, ensuring that everyone can easily access the support they need. We just need Wix to do their part in making sure we can continue user-friendly interactions with my staff members and their clients and implement this point system seamlessly.

Does anyone know if Wix supports a points system like this, or if there are third-party integrations that can help us achieve this? Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Out of my knowledge, wix do not offer a Point-System.
My suggestion would be to generate your own POINT-SYSTEM espacially designed and developed for the needs of your own page.

This is doable by using VELO-CODING

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Thank you for this suggestion. I will try and go to VELO-CODING. I am not familiar with it, so I will be looking into it. Thanks!