Dropdown. Next step. Debugging HELP NEEDED

Hey there,

Just recently I was trying to make a dropdown meny and thanks to WIX support (and Mike Spirin, hope you help me man with this), I made it, it’s very good. I made it but the day after I open my dashboard and I receive this Debugging, once I choose the page I need from dropdown:

1Loading the code for the 1 page. To debug this code, open vpobg.js in Developer Tools.

2Loading the code for the 2 page. To debug this code, open skexg.js in Developer Tools.

3Loading the code for the 3 page. To debug this code, open axf62.js in Developer Tools.nlmk

I was trying to debug all the mistakes with brakets, spaces and etc., but it helped only with limited effect. But this remaining stuff, is a sort of imposible things to handle. I was trying to JSHINT and that’s what it told me:


There are 2 functions in this file.
Function with the largest signature take 1 arguments, while the median is 0.5 .
Largest function has 5 statements in it, while the median is 3 .
The most complex function has a cyclomatic complexity value of 4 while the median is 2.5 .
One warning2’arrow function syntax (=>)’ is only available in ES6 (use ‘esversion: 6’).

Guys, help needed!!!

That’s the code:

import wixLocation from ‘wix-location’;
$w.onReady(function () {
$w(“#dropdown1”).onChange((event) => {
if(event.target.value===‘tatn’) {
} else
if(event.target.value === ‘dixy’) {
} else
if(event.target.value === ‘nlmk’) {

These messages are harmless. They direct you how to debug your code if you need to. If everything works - please disregard it.

Yes it works. Thankfully. It just pops out from time to time when preview web interface.
Generally okay. No mistakes and in real time everything seems to be quite smooth.

Thank you in any case.