Dynamic Category Pages

Hey dear Team. I’m wondering how to create dynamic category pages? I tried as well in the old wix editor, but since 2 weeks or so, sthg was changed in the interface. So its not possible for the moment. Are u guys planning to put that on the editor x. Appreciate your answers :slight_smile: Martin

Hi Martin,
I’m Anna from the Editor X Product Team.

If I understand your question correctly - to add a dynamic page you need to turn Dev Mode on and then open the pages panel.
You will have the option there:

Hope this helps!
If you were referring to something else, please provide some more details as to what you are trying to achieve and we will be happy to help.

Thanks, and please feel to reach out again with any more questions or feedback.


Hey Anna thank u for your reply. Well I figured out how to create dynamic pages. According to the database it’s creating dynamic pages for all or items. But I’m looking for category dulynamic pages. I have a huge dataset of products which has lot of categories. I would like to create a dynamic page for that without making tons of single pages if possible. Thank u again for your help

Hey @info45665 !

Just to be sure, do you want to use Dynamic Pages to show single product or multiple products per different category?

If you want to show multiple products per category, you have 2 options.

  1. Define a Text type field in a Products collection for a category. Next, create a dynamic page for the Products collection and then in the settings of such dynamic page make sure this new field is used in URL, e.g. …/myproducts/{category}/{title}.

  2. Create a new collection “Categories” and then define a Reference type field in the “Products” collection pointing to Category collection. Next, you need to create a dynamic page for the categories collection. In that page, add another dataset and connect it to the Products collections. To make this dataset return only products for a specific category, define a filter on Products dataset to get only those products that in “Categories” field contain the current item of “Categories Item” dataset.

Either way you go, the next step is to add a repeater and connect it to Products dataset.

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hey @adas-bradauskas thank u for your help. I really appreciate that. Actually im looking for the “step” before. Like a user is coming on the side and can choose (for example) by pictures or dropdown the category. Lets say there are 5 different categories (bathroom, kitchen etc) if he clicks on a category a new page is opening and he see all the products of just the choosen category. So i need a solution to create the page before where the customer can choose in between the categories. (To do it manually is with a normal page takes to much tme because i have alot of categories)

The problem. I have actually a lot of categories (even subcategories) for a lot of products (affiliate products). And i know there is/was a way with categorie dynamic pages in the other editor. But this one disappeared in the interface. So i dont know. I was wondering they might have it in the new editor again.

Thank u again for your help.

So the capability to have a category dynamic page remains. Basically, if you construct the URL of a dynamic page this way mysite.com/products/{field}, the only thing that separates it being an item page from a category page is the fact of how many items have the same value in the field field.

On the other hand, if you want to show a page that lists all the categories, it seems that the old setup for dynamic category pages won’t in your case. You need start with creating a new collection “Categories”. Then, you need to implement a so-called master-detail setup. You can find out more here: https://support.wix.com/en/article/displaying-content-from-multiple-database-collections-using-reference-fields-4034931#displaying-filtered-information-master-detail .

I have this very same issue and I can’t get it to work either. I’ve been trying for weeks on and off. I manged somehow to get it to work in the old editor but I had to do it as just standard pages so I couldn’t use dynamic pages at all - which kind of missed the point.

I have catergories/ collections - with products in those collections. I want the same thing - a page to show all the collections at the top level - and then a second page to show the products within each top level. I can’t get it to work at all. Its a nightmare because looking at the instructions it should be really easy!!! It doesn’t work though sadly which, like Martin D, will mean creating 100 plus pages for every single catergory/ collection.
Checking the link above - this is worded is a really confusing way - it doesn’t make sense to me but aware it will to others. What I don’t understand is why if I have a category page showing plants - the next page doesn’t just have the ability to show everything in the category plants? I thought that’s what dynamic pages and datasets were supposed to do?

you only have 3 templates, how can i use this facility for adding Clothing Products

are you trying to add products?