Dynamic Member Pages?


I want to create a dynamic member page in order to create a “custom profile” page to replace the standard profile page where I can have someone fill out a form with multiple questions that will appear on their custom profile page. Is this possible? I see I can add a member page but it’s looks like it’s just standard.

The standard profile page is not very flexible and I do not have the option to add long text fields to ask multiple questions that I’d like to display on a profile page. Also, the UX is confusing where all of the questions are located on the account settings page and I feel that a profile page is separate from account settings and the profile page should be much more flexible where we can add multiple fields that are not just a single line of text.

Thank you

If you need to create a custom members page have a read here

I understand this concept, but I’m wanting to replace the current “Member Profile” that all members see when clicking in “view profile” page tied to the member app, as I want to to have other info displayed other than about me. There are no fields I can add to that actual page and there should be. The profile page should be much more customizable as there is functionality like follow, message, block, view profile that’s tied into the member list and someone has to be able to view the “custom profile” page from view profile to make that work.

You can add custom fields to the profile pages. Is this what you are wanting ?