Dynamic Page Issues - Links and Anchors

Hello All! I am creating dynamic pages for my web site that will feature artists and their artwork. I am having the following issues:

  1. On the All Dynamic Page, I am using the repeater to create a simple vertical list of all the artists. I have text referencing each artist’s name (this has replace the default “title”). I set the link to Page>the individual dynamic pages>name of artist. Ive made sure to publish everything, but the links don’t go anywhere.

  2. On the dynamic page for the individual artist that I’ve designed, I have fixed text with anchors to sections. I’ve tried setting them with both options for the dynamic page (there is “any item” or a specific, in this case the artist’s name) but the anchors are not working.

Any assistance would be most appreciated!

Can you share link to your work in attempt please?

  1. Which links are your referring to? The link from the ALL page list to their respective TITLE page? Can share a screen shot of your dataset connection details in the dialogue box, please?

  2. Let me research this.

You can add an anchor to location on the TITLE page layout. But it seems, you can not apply an anchor link from an item’s button that is part of your repeater on the ALL page. Only one action can be applied and that is to link to a Page or Field that is part of that dataset.

However you can apply a button or link text that is not connected to the dataset nor the repeater (as it is dynamic) and link it to a Dataset > Item > Anchor.

See here. I use this when referencing to a particular portion of the items information from elsewhere on the site.

Thanks! Yes, those are the links I am referring to.


Looks like the anchors are working fine when I load the actual, published page. They just are not working in preview.

Seems like when you visit the link, it goes straight to a dynamic TITLE page instead of the dynamic ALL.

Great. I was just going to add, make sure you use the ITEM URL not the SET URL. Have fun.

Still no luck with the Dynamic ALL Page :sweat:

UPDATE: Instead of using a text box in the repeater that is linked the artist page and connected to the Artist name data set, I instead did a button with Link and data set connection. This seems to be working, however, with a button I do not have as much design control over the text, such as setting an adjustable size range and aligning it right or left.