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hi all,
I have a magazine page design populated with items from a database. The depth of the articles depends on how much text and how many pictures each has - the amounts differ from article to article.
This appears to give me large spaces between the bottom of each article and the header.
How do get the page height to match the dynamic content displayed rather than the full template height? Im guessing some code? I’ve posted the problem on the velo feed but nobody has answered:-(
Many thanks!

hey there
most likely the section got MinH value set and this is causing the issue
if it is not the reason, please share the page link you see this situation on here

Hi, thanks for coming back to me on this - im really grateful for you taking the time.
There is no minH value, or at least there isn’t unless I hide the columns of content - then there is for some reason. I set the minH to none and then I got a specific page height. I reduced that and then reshowed the content and while not perfect it wasn’t quite as startling gap wise.
However, I then redesigned the page and gaps have returned at the bottom of the page, although not as drastic as before, but I now have random gaps in the content columns - I wonder of you have any further thoughts? Here is a link to one of the pages affected…


we need to go to the Editor X to be able to locate the exact reason for this, so I will create ticket on your behalf and we will update you via email

once the situation will be resolved you can update this thread, if you would like to

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thank you Andrew - much appreciated!