Dynamic product Store Filtering

I would like to filter Wix Store Product gallery using Wix code (Mostly for mobile view).
I would like the user to press a button (for eg. Yello) and to filter only yello product but I can’t find #productGallery in the API.

Ideas anyone?


it is not yet possible to change the Product Gallery using WixCode. If you really need this feature, you can construct your own ‘product gallery’ using a repeater. Then, you can bind the repeater to a dataset and filter it however you want using WixCode.

have a nice day,

Dear Marius,
When I said dynamic filtering I meant filtering a product gallery by 2-3 parameters. For eg. If a gallery is connected to a collection of pendants, I want to be able to dynamically present only few items from that collection for eg. present only pendants with the letter A on it. It is an action I can do manually using Product Gallery Filters that is not available on mobile view. If I understand correctly, Repeaters does not support it, I will be able to change the collection but not filters (correct me if I’m wrong).
If someone have another idea of how to filter products in gallery in mobile view, I’ll be happy to hear.

I’m running into the same problem… can someone please help.