Dynamic Tables Not displaying data on mobile


I’ve created a site where users can follow some fitness drills.

The user can change the intensity of the session by selecting the level (1-5) which filters the information displayed in the table.

There are 3 fitness drills on each page (each page is one session).

In order to work this, I have connected the same data set 3 times (named drill 1, drill 2 and drill 3). When the user scrolls to each drill, they have the option each time of selecting the level of the drill.

This all works fine on the PC site, however in the mobile site, some of the rows in the table are blank.

Does anyone know why this could be happening? Screenshot attached.

I have just noticed that when I go into mobile view, the table changes and tries to connect to a different dataset (that contains a different type of fitness exercises). Anyone know why it’s doing this?