Editing items in a slider layouter

Hi there,

I have a slider with six items. However, my horizontal scroll bar works only in preview mode and not in editing mode. When I try to scroll through the slides, I inadvertently select the entire layouter and drag it to another position on the page. Most frustrating!
I’m only able to edit the first item, because I can’t see the others. How do I edit the hidden slides?

I hope you can help.

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At this point editing capability is a little bit limited for sliders, what you can do as for the workaround: use vertical layout, like list, design items and set layouter as slider afterwards.
Set items, which you finished to design to “Do not Display”, and work with the item you need, after the actions are done, set it back.

Along with this our developers are working on the feature improvement, thank you for raising this question!