Editing wix (horizontal) menu with code

I want to use Wix code to edit my website’s horizontal menu (wix menu).
To be more specific - I want to control each link in the menu separately with a different code.
Is there a way to do it?


Seconded. I am trying to have a specific link send users to a specific item’s dynamic page (sample item) if they aren’t logged in, but to their own if they are. Sending them to the sample is easy, I just set the link in the menu interface. Sending them to their own seems like it should be simple as well. Just test to see if they’re logged in (have a page,) then, have the code update the link if they are. From what I can tell, however, the horizontal menu is viewed as one element for our coding purposes, and has fewer properties than a normal element. Am I missing something?

You guys can simply use text or button elements instead of the menu so you can have full control over your menu.

does this method also work fine with mobile menu?