[EDITOR BUG] Collection Billing/Invoices not visible

Hello Wix team,

According to the doc (thx @robert-hamilton ) there is a Billing/Invoices collection but that collection is not visible in the editor.


The collection is present however since I’m able to query it but not visible in the editor:

Is this a #bug or a #feature?


I have checked on multiple sites and was able to see the invoices collection.

Please try the troubleshooting steps here . If the issue persists, submit a ticket to the support team here .
If you submit a ticket, please include the following details: a clear description of the issue, site name and a screenshot of the issue.

Ok I will do that but first could you give me a bit of details on what you did?

  1. Have you done you test on website that have a business plan or premium plan?

  2. Do you create a new website or did you check on an old website?

thank for your help

I also can’t see the Billing/Invoices Collection
Did you find a solution for this?

Same here. I am also unable to find billing /invoices collection. I think i need to check it again.

The billing/invoices collection went missing this morning. It was there yesterday. I checked the backups and the billing collection isn’t in any of them either. A bit strange that they would be removed from the backups.
Can someone post a fix please.

Please go through Contact Wix for this bug for the time being. Thanks!