Editor X Betas Opened: Migrate from Wix to Editor X + Interactions!

OHHHH DEAR! You heard right! These betas are OPEN!

You can watch the round table here: https://youtu.be/noZbw7IH4C4

Wix2X (Wix to Editor X Conversion Tool) - This tool will allow you to migrate your Wix sites to Editor X. Yes - you heard correctly - You can now migrate your Wix sites to Editor X! Be sure and see the walkthrough here: https://youtu.be/noZbw7IH4C4?t=738

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I revert to my Wix site after I migrate to Editor X?
Yes - There are 2 ways to revert to the Wix site version:
1: Before you publish on Editor X, you can restore under “help”.
2: After you publish you can restore via Site History. From the top bar > Help

Will my site be fully responsive after I migrate to Editor X?
We copy the Wix desktop design to Editor X. You will then be able to work on the site and adjust it to the different breakpoints.

My page is missing an element. What should I do?
Some elements are not supported on Editor X and cannot be recreated. In most cases it’s probably because the migration tool doesn’t yet know how to migrate the missing element. What you need to do is add it again from the “add panel”.

Will my Velo code transfer to Editor X?
Yes. Your code will be available on the new site. Please note that it might need some adjustments in places where you refer to unsupported elements.

Can I migrate an ADI site to Editor X?
Yes - but first you will need to migrate from ADI to WIX and then to Editor X.

Will my SEO be affected after I migrate to Editor X?
Your SEO settings will be copied. Page SEO, keywords, image descriptions, header tags, business address and more will all be copied to the new site. Keep in mind that any changes in design, structure, and content has a potential to impact SEO.


Waoowww how amazing.

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Going to give it a try

I wanted to give this a try. So, I duplicated a live site, published it, and attempted the conversion. However, I keep getting the following error message (even after restoring, saving, and publishing again):

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Holy moly. Pinch me. I must be dreaming. :hushed::astonished::scream:

Just finished watching the partner round table. Just wanted to share my thoughts. The collobarator tool with chat support is like never seen before- first of its kind. they are up to something with the new interaction panel. The migration tool: they could have focussed on supporting all wix elements and wix apps first, and then release the Wix2X. Just saying. Nevertheless, this is bomb! The whole thing was. Future might just be here! Congratulations Editor x team! Cheers Partners!

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I tried to migrate to Editor x and nothing shows up on the new editor. Just blank pages. The only thing that transferred over was the header menu…Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey Thrishti! Nice to see you around these parts again. :slight_smile:

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Yes @stevenjose After a long time…:grinning:

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@thrishtilabs don’t get lost on us again haha! :slight_smile:

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Hi Josh, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve notified the team!

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How long is the migration process supposed to take? This is taking forever.

Hi Josh, I’ll be sending you a direct message with additional questions.

Hey team, also having issues with the convertor, it’s been stuck on the EditorX loading screen for a long time, and the my sites page didn’t update with the new site.

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Hey Chris! Hope all is well. I’m going to send you a message, be on the lookout.

I am having the same error as Shannon. It fails to transfer and wants me to restore. I thought it may be do to incompatible apps so I removed Wix Site Search which was my only incompatible app and it still failed.

@danak The Interactions feature on Editor X is plagued with bugs. Adding the interactions seems to work fine, but once an Interaction is added, it messes with all the other elements and settings for an element. For example if an element has an Animation or an image has a Parallax scroll effect on it, then I add an interaction, it messes up.

Don’t get me started on when I use Velo code for elements then add an Interaction haha!! Lets just say using both Velo custom code and Interactions DOES NOT WORK.

My question is why did Wix push the ‘Editor X Unstoppable’ event when they knew non of the new features were near ready for launch!? This is a quite a let down to be honest. I was all hyped up for these features and its taken 2 months since the event to release a BETA of Interactions that doesn’t work nearly as well as it should be for it to be released for users. There’s no sign of Concurrent Editing feature being released anytime soon… “A couple of weeks” i guess, as the Editor X team has been saying for the past couple of months… :rofl:

I’m guessing ‘Editor X Unstoppable’ event was a marketing gimmick to keep the Wix stock investors happy.

Nothing in that event was real game changing. Not until we can get full access to the site assets like Stylesheet or HTML.

And then Wix has the audacity to charge us an arm and a leg for Editor X pricing. Editor X doesn’t meet the competition its trying to compete with so it shouldn’t be setting the prices so high for a half baked product. At this point, I feel Wix is being greedy.

Sure, Editor X is pretty decent, but I am upset. I am expecting better from a company like Wix that has been around for like 20 years and is one of the biggest companies in its field. Wix is really falling behind the competition. I am not getting the value for money.

Please, I am not hating. I just want a better product!


This is amazing!

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Snap. Tried 6 of our sites and not one would transfer.