Editor X Betas Opened: Migrate from Wix to Editor X + Interactions!

I am so excited about this, however, I don’t think it’s quite ready for beta. I tried this with my own site (a duplicated version!), and it turned out to be a jumbled mess. In addition, I previewed the site and none of the links work.

I am looking forward to revisions because this is much needed!

Hey @cloudsterteam !

Interactions is in Beta - it isn’t released to users. If you experience a bug or issue this is the right place to show it to the team. What you are describing is NOT what we are experiencing or seeing, so I think it’s really important to schedule some time for you and the EX team to take a look. I have reached out to the team - so be watching your DMs here. A PM will be reaching out soon. I also DM’d you to make sure you see this so you will be watching for it. It might end up being next week (Israel is on holiday this week).

As far as the rest of your comments… Those are your opinions, and whether we agree or not I think one of the coolest things Wix does is show the community what they are working on and what’s coming. It’s interesting to me that you see this as announcing things that aren’t ready, while most of the community is constantly asking what’s coming next and LOVING when Wix shows new features. Think of all the people at Wix who work so hard on all of those features. Similar to how the partners share their amazing sites, Wix also likes to showcase what we’ve been working on too. =) It’s just a bit trickier for us because Wix is publicly traded.


@brett Hi Brett,

First of all I want to apologize as after re-reading what I posted, I may have come of aggressive.

I truly value your transparency and how hard the team at Wix works. Love you guys!

I’ve been using Wix for around 4 years now and I’ve loved it up until last year, when I was having issues with my Wix sites and Editor X sites. I feel as though Editor X was the right step forward, but when I look around the market, there are so many new platforms getting launched that provide a better feature set at a better price. I’m sure you are more than aware of the competition and one in particular product that is Editor X’s main competition (many forum members have mentioned this platform before).

I guess I am just sad that I have come so far with Wix and so many people I talk to now, who are more advanced in the web design/development field, are encouraging me to move away from Wix as it is very ‘limiting’, ‘a platform designed for beginners’, ‘lacks advanced design features’ and ‘not very scalable’.

Editor X didn’t progress enough in the year its been around. I was waiting for some amazing new features but all we got were gimmicky updates. Yes, a few bugs were fixed here and there, but Editor X is still quite buggy. There are so many features missing as well (that slide from the Round table video above which shows the missing features.) At least Wix is aware of these missing features, but they are not getting added fast enough. Maybe Wix needs to hire more developers to fast-track these features… idk!?
Interactions is only getting released now in March of 2021 - Almost a year after Wix Editor got them and many years since other web development platforms got it.
I think the main issue is the rate at which Wix develops and releases features and the priority of importance of theses features.

Does this also transfer customer data, sales history etc?

I love how robust and intuitive the editor is. I can’t stop using it, its a bit addictive.


Yes it will keep your contacts, Store data, marketing tools and everything on the dashboard and backoffice.


I commented a bit ago about not being able to use the transfer tool and since I have tried brand new sites and copies of other sites and I still cant get any site to work. Is there an update on what may be happening and what we can possibly do to get this to work?

Thank you Cody for the feedback.
Can you please share what didn’t work for you?

@danak Of course! So I have had a couple of issues which I have listed below. At a high level, I havent been able to convert a single site yet.

  1. When I transfer a site, it goes through the process and then I am prompted to restore because it failed.

  2. More recently, I have been stuck on an infinite loading screen with the editor x animation. I let it sit on that screen for over an hour and nothing ended up happening. This was tested on an existing and fresh site.

I’ve converted 3 sites to EX. 1 went fine, a second wouldn’t convert until after the 4th try…then I had a lot of issues with it trying to modify elements. For example, I could not edit some text. Wix forms would not allow me to move elements to the same row for text. Interaction boxes needed to be reset. the 4th would not convert at all.

It is still VERY Important that all Blog Elements are available in EX. That the button controls are the same as they are for the regular editor. Also, one site had the Wix FAQ app, which did not convert.

Still the fact that I could even get it part-way there was a big improvement.

I’d love to see Editor X compete with Webflow. As a designer that doesn’t know coding it’s amazing to be able to do more web design stuff visually like this. Editor X is very promising but I do wish they’d throw more resources at it to get it rolling faster. Hopefully the interactions they’re promising will be as robust as webflows.

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as a quick question. My client wants me to go ahead and do the conversion, however, they don’t want the site down for extended periods of time. If I do the conversion will the old site remain accessible until I publish the editor x one?

Thank you for your feedback Corey!

Hi Luke, maybe duplicating the site and converting the copy well allow you to work on it, while keeping the current version published.

The issue is that if a purchase is made on the original, the copy will not be updated with the customer information

@labuxton your old site will remain live until you publish on Editor X.
This way you can migrate and keep updating the live site from the backoffice (for example, adding store products). Only when you are ready, go ahead and publish the new version on Editor X to replace the old site.

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Is this beta conversion tool not available anymore?

We have 3 sites that we are trying to migrate over to Editor X. Started on the first migration today. After using the migration tool everything freezes and we are unable to edit or add content. We have tried multiple browsers, incognito and multiple computers. Currently on hold with support.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

It is still available for Partners:

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I tried rebuilding my first site on Editor X. I was advised to 1st make a copy of the site I wanted to rebuild, which I did and then selected “Move Site to Editor X” - it worked! But opening Editor X it was very glitchy. Also, my dynamic pages we’re kind of a mess; although super awesome that all my data transferred! But I honestly found it much easier to open a blank template and start the redesign process from scratch (I can always export the database to csv then import) and found the glitch’s I experienced in the other Editor X version were resolved. But… if I rebuild from scratch I don’t get the 40% discount?

Also, right now Partners receive 1 free premium plan for our Web Design portfolio sites - any talk of granting eligible Partners a free Editor X premium plan? I think I could convince more clients to rebuild on Editor X if they saw how my own website successfully transferred, looks and operates.

Just starting to play around with this platform - very inspiring stuff! It is a learning curve for me personally, but I think ultimately will be worth the effort. I could see myself using this almost exclusively in future, especially if we could get the pricing down for my average client.

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