Editor X + Velo Database portfolio

Hi! I had a client. Sent her a price quote, we seemed all set to go. And then, she sent me examples of websites she wanted to replicate, in terms of style & interactivity - I looked at them, and I never say this, but I had to say - I can’t do this. NOT using the traditional Wix Editor, but I think someone could replicate it using Editor X.


I said I would be happy to refer another designer if I could think of anyone. Is anyone interested in this job who could achieve this using Editor X? (Or recommends using Editor X for this purpose?) Message me and I will forward your details to the client.


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Hi there …

What are you trying to replicate exactly? The mouse pointer? Or what?

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I am sure this could technically be achieved but you would be spending so much more time on developing custom scripts for the mouse, scroll animations, and more that (as far as I am aware) trying to do this in Editor X would currently not be a smart choice. The client should probably look into getting a custom or webflow developer to do it.

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Even you do this out on Editor X, you will just got lag… (Yes, Wix is slow…)

Maybe you can move to another platform which is good for interactions and animations (Just guess it, admin dont ban me :joy:)

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Hi Ahmad! Yes, so she did mention she liked the mouse pointer but also the menu. But also, the widescreen responsive style design. That’s what made me think Editor X might be an option but wasn’t sure about the mouse and menu interactivity, if that was possible. I do think the site’s above were made with webflow.

Very interesting! Yes, I’d encouraged her to do another Wix Marketplace search but this time for a developer and maybe she could find a Wix Partner familiar with Wix’ Editor X. (She did say, she found it interesting after talking to 7 designers from the Marketplace, I was the only one who mentioned Editor X. And it didn’t sound like anyone else indicated they could do what she wanted once she emailed them the example sites. Which I am pretty sure were made on Webflow, which I recommended she may check out if she couldn’t find someone to do what she wanted with Editor X. (Sorry Wix! :sweat:)

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True… Wix is for multi purpose BUT Webflow is ONLY for design (and cost a lot for each plugin… for example: MemberStack, in wix member app do the same thing…) You can highlight this to your client :slight_smile:

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The 2nd site you put on the post is Webflow

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These websites can be done with Editor X, I would be happy to help you with pointers if you like. lots of animation may be laggy but i’m sure there is a good solution depending on what the website is about and will include.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to chat about it, Ive just finished my agency page using editorx just a couple of bits to tie up.


The page is not in good layout🤭 everything cramped

@wingcc ah yes. That’s what I thought. Do you know what platform the first was created on?

I guess webflow too(but the exported one, not hosted on webflow), if the website is built based on a website builder.

hi Emma… sorry to bother you, I just looked at your editorX website, watch out, some texts are overlapping. I feel like the examples that Ash4Dzyns mentioned are way more sophisticated than what can be done with editor X. But I may be wrong…