Elements from layers panel missing on mobile?

How can any element disappear from the layers panel but be present on the site? Am i missing something or is there a bug where layers go missing when you switch to mobile on editor X?

They exist on preview, misaligned since I can’t configure them but when you select them “as active selection” they are nowhere to be located in the layers panel. I’ve already tried refreshing the page etc.

Any one has a clue what’s going on?

This is on desktop mode,

This is when switching to mobile,

The fact that it’s been about a month without any moderator caring is worrisome.

Mobile functionality is still somekind of very buggy.

To go around this —> generate a page, which will be designed just for MOBILE-VIEWING only.

Okay so we are (as a community) accepting a product (editor X) which announced to be out of beta 3 years ago that cannot properly function in both desktop and mobile (despite advertising “remarkable seamless responsiveness”) , and we can’t really work out what is going on this post but rather we create stand alone page for mobile only because we are devs and need the product delivered on time.
Got it.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion,
I appreciate that someone even replied at this point.

I am not part of wix-team. I can provide you some work-arounds, but no real DEBUGGING.

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