Elements move on their own

Hi Everyone,
I spend at least an hour every day re-positioning elements across my site. I have many collections connected to the site and two languages. But, this is really so frustrating.
I am using two languages on my site. Both language elements are the same font size and font type.

I have brought this to Wix support’s attention. They tell me.

  1. I must use Incognito mode or
  2. use another Browser
  3. Run a site test.

This is becoming soo very frustrating. Surely there is something more than that?
Please help.

This ERROR/BUG is now known for about more then 2-YEARS!
Surely this one will exist also for the next 2-years!

But what you can do ?

In most cases, this bug always appears when you have resized your RESOLUTION away from 100%.

If your resolution is set to 100% → mostly you don’t get such glitchy automatic movements of elements on your page.

But if you leave the 100% (for example ZOOM to 110%, 125%) and so on…, you will get the described Wix-Editor-Bug.

To avoid it —> DO NOT ZOOM YOUR EDITOR more or less than 100% (especialy while saving/publishing your PROJECT).

Thanx very much for your response. That is a very strange error. It is totally illogical, but I will keep it in mind. There are far too many issues with Wix and I am becoming a little annoyed as we have used it for many years. Surely, a company this big can secure its market share if they deliver a good service. The problem is I really don’t like WP. If I could find something similar I will move. Pity.

Thanx again.

Wix is surely a good choice and i am sure, after one of wix members have seen this post, maybe someone will be interessted to investigate and eleminate the still existing (described) bug.

What you could do to help Wix to elememinate the bug, contact wix-customer-care and describe in detail your PROBLEM.

I have this error without my resolution changing. I had my site perfect. Saved. Came in the next day and paragraphs are 1-4 inches lower than yesterday. Nothing to do with resolution changing.

I have just started to use WIX in the last few weeks and this problem is driving me nuts. I note that this thread is over 12 months old. Any ideas on how to resolve?

You may restore your workspace to one of the saved states.