Emailing and Phone with a button from a database

On a page with a Database connected, I need to establish the connection of a button with the E-mail field and another button with the telephone number field. In both cases
I would need the button to perform the corresponding task (call or email). How could I do that?
Thank you

Hey Claudio!

What you want to do requires some advanced coding skills including integrating your site with 3rd-party services.

Retrieving the data from a collection would be your first step and I would recommend doing it using wixDataQuery .
After you’ve retrieved the data, you can send the relevant field (Email/Phone no.) to the relevant service (for example- SendGrid / Twillo ) using wixFetch , which is the method used to communicate with external services.

Hope it helps!


Thanks very much… Yes, I Know but I am learning now… and you post help me of course.