Embedded Spotify Player using Dynamic page/Database


Apologies if I don’t explain myself correctly,or with the technical language: I’m a bit of a beginner with wix code.

I am currently setting up our website which will include a page for each of our musical releases. I had been intending to use a database of our catalogue (which I have managed to set up fine), to then have a dynamic page for each release. The dynamic page template has all the features I want (Title, Image, buy links for itunes, click through for spotify etc) but I cannot get it to have an embedded player which references the database for its code. Is there a way of doing this? The reason I want to do the catalogue this way is so that when I add a release to the database it automatically creates a page for it, rather than create a page each time. I know I can embed a spotify player on a page and manually enter the URL from spotify. What I don’t understand is why I cannot do this by linking the player to a field on the database which has the URL I would use if did it manually.

I suspect this feature is not available but wonder if there is a work around where I can use an iframe (only just read what they are - so dont fully understand) on the dynamic page and then enter the HTML code or a dynamic url into a field on the database? Or something similar?

Any help would be much appreciated.



I am too looking for this, did you find something?

I can get this set up for you if you’re interested . The solution is quite complicated for a beginner, as it requires Corvid, JS, and HTML.