Expanding Text Using Multi State Boxes

I’ve read all through the forums for a solution to this and I can’t locate one. I am using multi state boxes to expand text using a read more button as in this tutorial: https://support.wix.com/en/article/corvid-tutorial-expand-text-with-a-read-more-link

It works, but the problem is the text doesn’t force the strip to expand to accommodate the expanded text. It does expand in preview but not when published. It also expands in mobile view but not the published site. Instead I get this where the button doesn’t move…can anyone assist? I tried every forum suggestion I could find and I know this has been asked many times before…

I did try another work around that worked off a static text box that one of the corvid masters suggested (not using multi state). It worked on mobile, but again I couldn’t get it up where the strip fit the short length box and then expanded. Seems I keep getting close but not quite.