Export all item data to CSV from a STATIC repeater that does not connect to dataset

Please help me out !

I created many pages of STATIC repeaters , that do not connect to a dataset but all items (texts with link and images with link) are manually added as below:

I now would like to change them to dynamic pages with a consolidated database. To save my time for database creation, I would like to export all item data of the current repeaters into a CSV file, import it into a new database collecion in Content Manager.

Could someone help me how I can export all the data to CSV ?
I spent some time and have been asking Wix Support team but could not get a good solution.

I simply tried to show data on console, but they showed only id, not showing other data at all. It seems not arrayed.

let repeaterData = $w ( ‘#myrepeater’ ). data ;
// Log the data to the console
console . log ( repeaterData );

$w ( ‘#myrepeater’ ). forEachItem ( ( $item , itemData , index ) => {
let repeatedItemData = itemData ;
console . log ( repeatedItemData );
} );

Thank you, KiSang