Extract All Images URLs with CORVID?

I’m wondering if there is a way to access or reference the Wix Media/Image database so as to extract all of the image URLs.

I’m ready to upload a database of 300++ products/variants. Each one has its own image.

It seems the only way to access the image URL is going to Copy URL and doing this one by one.

If there is a way to access the image database, then I’m sure it would be possible to just create a script to list all the URLs on a private page so I can use these to add to my database before upload. Trouble is I can’t seem to find this from the Corvid API reference.

Any info on this or any other workarounds welcome. I had considered uploading to another image hosting site that doesn’t make it difficult for you to retrieve your own image URLs in bulk, but I figure that’s going to slow down page loads and seems kind of excessive for something there should be a quite simple solution for.

Hi! All of the things that you can do with the Media Manager are described here: https://www.wix.com/corvid/new-reference/wix-media-backend/mediamanager
Currently, there is no option off accessing a Media Manager database