Feature Release: Using Google Analytics with Wix Pricing Plans

We’re happy to inform you that Wix will now automatically send Wix Pricing Plans events to Google Analytics.

What events will I see in my Google Analytics account?

  • Product Impression: When a visitor views Pricing Plans you offer.

  • Product Click: When a visitor clicks on a button or link that selects a Pricing Plan.

  • View Content: When a visitor sees the selected plan details page.

  • Select Payment: a visitor selects a preferred method of payment.

  • Initiate Checkout: When a visitor clicks on the “Buy Now” button.

  • Purchase: When a visitor completes the purchase and is redirected to the “Thank you” page.

For additional information, including where to find event data, click here .

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Does the conversion tracking also work with Facebook ads?

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Hi Dante, I’ll check in with the team.

Ok thanks it would be super helpful to be able to track ad conversions.


Hey Dante,
Yes, you can track conversions with FB as well. Normally, it will be a Purchase event that is being sent upon successful purchase. You just need to define it as conversion at the facebook business manager.


Hi @danny ,

Will Wix be adding event labels and to the purchase action? I see in this article neither stores, bookings, or events use this and think it’s true for pricing plans as well.

Labeling what plan people purchased would be incredibly valuable information for those of us running ad and email campaigns. It will be good to know if people seeing an ad for one plan are gravitating toward another and will provide a quick glance of what is performing better.

Any reason this can’t be done?

Much appreciated!

Hey Matt!

Great feedback!

As a reminder, it’s against our community rules to tag Wix employees (other than us :grinning:).

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your question.

Yes we do have what you require.

In the Universal Analytics it is Event Category. The values are “Enhanced Ecommerce - Stores”, “Enhanced Ecommerce - Bookings”, etc…

In the GA4 it is more tricky. Although it is not required, we send a custom parameter “event_category” with the same values as above. In order to be able to filter by category, you need to create a custom dimension. My personal recommendation is to create a mapping:

event_category = origin

and then to filter by it in your reports, as shown on my screenshot:

We will add more kb articles about the GA4 tips and tricks.

Stay tuned!


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