FEATURE REQUEST for Booking Product : no logs of Group Classes without booked clients on the staff's synched Calendars (ADI, Editor/EditorX)

I request that only when Group Classes are booked by clients the members of staff have a log for their group classes time and day on their Synched Google Calendar:

in the same way that it works for 1:1 appointments (they don’t get calendar placeholders for all available default bookable hours for 1:1!! In the same way, they should not get placeholders for all the available group class times)

When group classes are scheduled for the members of staff, these members of staff gets on their Synchronised Google calendars the placeholder logs for all the future Regular Group Classes, even if no one books to attend these classes!

This is very damaging for the Members of Staff, because the logs for all the unattended “classes at regular time” (the placeholders for classes in the future) work as ‘blocked time’ inputs from their personal Google-calendars, and show on the Wix owner calendar as “busy” hours, canceling out hours even in the ‘available irregular hours’ that the same members of staff have set for 1:1 appointments

See more details on this page with video screen-casts:


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Hi @evolutionmcbgroup - thanks for the feedback. I completely understand what you are saying and would love to discuss it further with you as we are currently working on improving the sync with external calendar.If you are interested, I would love to learn more about your need and request, feel free to book a Zoom session here: https://ireenh.wixsite.com/feedback and we’ll take it from there.

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  1. allowing to set services appointments either as “bookable by 1” or “bookable by many clients”
  2. showing the 1 hour appointments on timetable when the appointment is for multiple attendants

In this way, you allow Regular Classes to be at the same time all the following, and suitable also for independent contractors:

A. flexible to the time that who delivers them has available (to go around this, at the moment I need to use appointment for classes, even if only 1 person can book the class, and I need to create 1 different location for each class, so I can assign different hours to each location. If I don’t do this, clients see in the booking calendar page of each regular class ALL the available hours of a contractor, not only the hours of each class. They are not employees: to stay contractors, they need to decide WHEN they work.)

B. logged on the Google Calendar of the staff who is delivering them only if at least 1 person books them (at the moment, even if no one books a class the members of staff get in their personal Google Calendar a log of a scheduled regular class, when there only difference with a class that is actually booked is that the log has a zoom link. My members of staff don’t want these logs if there are no clients who paid the class, as these logs ‘block time’ that is otherwise offered for 1:1 irregular hours appointments)

C. not shown as available when the staff who delivers them ‘blocked time off’ at the time of the class (at the moment, the expected behaviour for scheduled classes in a calendar is that if a member staff goes on holidays - and blocks all the days that is away on Google Calendar on their business calendar on their Wix.com - the classes that have to be delivered by the member of staff don’t get cancelled, because who programmed the Regular Classes Calendar made the wrong assumptions that classes go on even if someone is on holidays, thinking that another member of staff can cover who is absent! This is true only for businesses who have employees, but I for those as me who have independent contractors, it is not legally viable: classes have to be as appointments, and offered only when the member of staff who delivers them is available. In fact, by law, to be INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, they have to work WHEN, WHERE and HOW they want, and if I change this, by law they become employees and have to be paid even when there is no clients booking them, which I cannot afford. YOUR CLASSES SETTINGS WORK OK FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY: FOR WHO HAS CONTRACTORS AS MYSELF, THE REGULAR CLASSES CURRENT FEATURES ARE NOT SUITABLE)

D. shown on a timetable, which is the preferred way to book fitness classes for clients all over the world (at the moment, to have a timetable - and at the same time avoid to have logs of blocked time for all the unbooked regular classes in my members of staff calendars - I have to duplicate the contractors who offer classes, and create the classes only with their staff-duplicate, which isn’t linked to their Google Calendar. So my staff has an email confirmation and calendar log for each class only when someone books)

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Hi @ireenh thanks so much for your message and kind offer to hear my improvement proposals/feedback . I followed the link you provided and booked 30 minutes on the 30 on Jan 2022, and I’m happy to talk then. In the meantime, you can view on the following comment the screenshot of how I’m using the Appointments in the booking app to create classes with different sets of available hours to book for each class (this is done by creating a location for each, although it has the downsides of showing a place-holder physical address on the confirmation email, together with the video conferencing details, and other downside is that only 1 person can book a class, if I use the Appointments booking option to avoid all other feature of Regular Classes bookings, which are not suitable to a business model that uses as members of staff some Independent Contractors, rather than Employees … there are certain rules by law to define members of staff in a way or the other, and if these aren’t respected, the Independent Contractors can claim to be employees and demand payment even for time when there was not work to give to them but they were available, as it happened with Uber, to name the most known case where contractors had then to be paid as employees, as they could demonstrate in court that their status was not contractors).


Hi @evolutionmcbgroup How are you? great suggestion! This is definitely something we are considering so I would love to discuss this also with you on our call :slight_smile:
CCing @asafh and @idanha from my team who i’m sure would love to join :slight_smile:


@ireenh this is great! I look forward to talking with you and @asafh and Idanha (I could not tag her as don’t appear on tags, and not sure I tagged the right Asaf!)

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