Feature Request: Tag Library

My sites lend themselves to a large number of images. It’s very, very time consuming to add multiple tags every time for every image, and then to add more tags individually if other tags present themselves later. I’d like to put the idea out there to build a Tag Library with a master list (perhaps per site?) that the designer/builder can just click through and select - check mark or highlight or whatever. For sites that constantly update images, this would be an enormous time saver!

Thanks for the consideration!

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I gotcha - so possibly a way to add tags inside the media manager? Interesting idea. :slight_smile:

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Yes! Would be so, so helpful.

Hi guys, the ability to add tags exists in the new media manager (look for it in the info panel on the right). We also automatically populate it with AI, so you have a head start. Lynne, I’ll forward your auto-complete suggestion. Thanks!

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I see that ability to add, but unfortunately it seems we must add by typing them in individually, every time, for each image (unless I’m missing an option? Not impossible!). And the AI doesn’t seem to relate to what I’m going for as the designer for search, SEO, etc. Would be world’s easier to have a master list, created by the builder, from which to choose for each site. Thanks, Danieller!


I have the same issue in my store. Even if I try type out all the tags individually in a text doc and try to copy and paste them into the tags box for the product photos, it adds them all as a single tag. :0/

Also can’t copy and paste them from another product image.

Even if there weren’t a tag library, it would be great to be able to copy and paste, at the very least.

Thank you!