Feature Request: Wix Premium Plan Membership Bundling

Wix premium prices have gotten a little bit too much for my taste, and the taste of others. For those of us who create and maintain multiple sites, it’s now costing hundreds of dollars a year PER SITE to keep everything, and I, for one, am being forced to let some of my sites go due to cost. This isn’t right.

I’d like to propose that Wix offers a Premium Plan membership for a year, and within that premium plan membership, you get up to a certain number of sites covered as premium sites (let’s be frugal and say 5 sites). You still pay for the domains if you need them, but paying for site after site after site, one premium plan at $200+ after the next is just robbing us of money. Offer an option of “I’m a Wix Premium Member” for $200 (or whatever the cost) a year, and let us have up to 5 sites under that membership that can be premium sites - let us “bundle” our sites together for the cost of ONE membership fee. You want more? You pay more. But I think that’s entirely fair, and would be much more attractive to potential users. The cost is going to start having some of us turn to other alternates, and I’d hate to do that, because I truly love the company, and the ease of the program.

Don’t lose customers, Wix team. GAIN THEM. Keep them. Find a way to help us save some money. You guys have plenty. You’re doing ok. But us out here in the dark? We can’t keep doing it.

Thanks for taking this suggestion into consideration. I look forward to the launch of this Premium membership program THIS YEAR! (See what I did there?)



Hey Jason!

Thanks for submitting this request regarding a custom premium plan that could be applied to multiple sites. I will definitely forward your feedback to the right team.

As for the partner program, we’re excited too! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


This is great alternative that I’d definitely take advantage of. I’ve had to make the same decision. Create a Premium plan that bundles sites and features. If I have 6 sites as a Premium member I shouldn’t need to pay for 6 different Ascend plans. Email marketing us essential to every site so bundling keeps customers.


I totally agree!! I now have (2) sites of my own and (3) sites created for other businesses that I manage. This feature would a very great thing for people that have multiple websites thru wix.

This is an interesting request, it mirrors what you can get over at GoDaddy with multiple websites under one plan…for far less than one plan here. I’ve already lost 2 customers back to GoDaddy that I had managed to lure away but to the Wix Insane Price Hike of 20% per plan, they ran screaming back to a multi-site/more affordable plan.

I don’t think Wix is going to suddenly bundle plans to assist those of us who directly bring them business. I carry 23 premium plans and can’t get even one plan for free! With Wix stock prices hovering at $142 per share, the corporate motto is clearly “bleed them dry.”

Please feel free to share with corporate. We see what you are doooooiiinnnng.