#FeatureRequest #WixBookings Set own Link for next bookings at the final Bookings page

#FeatureRequest #WixBookings

At the moment it’s only possible to add a link to the official WixBookings Checkout page, which lists all services on one page.

We are using another page for showing all the services on WixBooking with a better overview for the customer, therefore we use WixBooking-Buttons:

Not the following, as WixBookings would link to:

Now if I activate the link for the costumer to be shown after a finished Booking, it’s only possible to change the Text of the link. But I need to change the URL of the link also to my massages page.

Do you see a possibility to make this possible?

Eg. with another Checkbox, below the “Link” checkbox in the settings, which I have to activate to add my own link to my own salespage.

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for sharing this very thorough #featurerequest for #WixBookings!

Thank you!
Do you know what’s the best way to share such #featurerequest’s?
Unfortunately I figured out requensting new Features or sharing bugs via E-Mail to the support team is very unsatifying and the progress is not measurable.
Id’s love to have a place where I can submit freature requests and see their progresses, instead of just getting a standard email “thanks for your email, we forwarded it. Please check regularly the feature update page”…:persevere:
It’s not even possible to subscribe the feature update page via email…:expressionless:

@stemeier3 This is the best place for you to post them :slight_smile: Soon we will have a dedicated category just for these requests, which our product teams keep an eye on.

Progress is tracked internally as most requests are an effort between many different teams, but thanks for that feature request :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, Maya from Wix Bookings here :slight_smile:
I’m happy to see you are using the Book Button widget to customize the flow, it looks great. If I understand your request correctly, you are looking for a way to customize the rest of the flow, right? (e.g., the thank you page)

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Correct, especially the “Thank you!”-Page.

At the moment it’s only possible to link to the general bookings page (which we don’t want to have public, because of the styling and because we split the services to different landing/order pages).

In the best case, it would be great to be able to set for each service a costum link at the “Thank you”-Page.

For example:

“Thank you”-Page of any Massage service booking:
“Book another massage” links to ayurvedaroom.ch/massage

“Thank you”-Page of any Private Yoga class booking:
“Book another yoga class” links to ayurvedaroom.ch/yoga


Btw: I have a lot of ideas to improve the bookings app and frustrating BUGs to report, as also on other apps like Wix Video. I sent some of my ideas/bug reports already to the Wix support. One of them was the idea of this booking button. Some months later it was there, but nobody informed me about it. I found it on accient at the feature release page. Do you see a possibility to share my thoughts/wishes direct with the developent team and be able to track the progress (if it will come or not, or when)? Kind of like a public feature request and bug report forum with rating system to prioritise the next feature? It’s really frustrating with the way trough the Wix support email, since you never know if it really finds the way to a request list of the developers. I was a programmer myself and was always happy to have direct feedback of my useres to make them happy and more efficent using my programms and love to help other programmers to improve their products in the view of the custormer. But here it’s really hard to get into contact with you guys… Do you see any chance to improve this process?

@stemeier3 Thanks for your detailed answer!

Currently, we don’t support your request out of the box. For now, I added your request to our wishlist, but I want to sum up a few options you have today:

  1. Use our existing tools, customizing the pages with the design and settings options we provide (this may be a bit limiting for you)

  2. Build a semi-customized flow using our tools (the book button, repeaters), which allows you to fully customize the entry point to the flow (what you are doing today)

  3. Create your own customized book flow. On this case you need to fully build from scratch all the screens using the Wix editor and our Bookings Corvid APIs

Regarding feature requests, as Sheyla mentioned, this is the best place to post them. For highly requested features, our support team opens public feature requests that you and others can vote for and then get updated once they are available in the product. For example, you can see the public feature requests for Wix Bookings here ( Under each category there are support articles and feature requests). We have plenty more feature requests we receive and collect internally. The best way to get updates regarding bookings is to follow this forum and the updates & releases stream.

If you are interested, we would love to have a short call with you, where you can share with us all the bookings-related feedback. Please let me know whether you are interested and we can set it up :slight_smile:



Hi Maya

I just made a list to track all my found BUGs and wished features.
There are 55 of them. Not everything reported yet.

Wix Bookings seem to work pretty well, my major BUGs and Features are for other apps. Mainly Wix Video. ← Here it would be great to have direct contact to the developers.

At Wix Bookings my major Problem which I would love to have fixed or improved is the class timetable.

If I use the timetable for classes, I only get a week view, where I only see each class of a chosen day:


For my client, a little yoga studio that has seven classes a week, it’s pretty bad to use this, as the customer sees mostly “no classes available”.

Here it would be good to have to option switch between the whole week and show all classes of the week. Like I’m used to at the Google calendar appointment overview, at the Wix App Members view or like MOMOYOGA.

Source: Deine Yogis and ihre Erfahrung - Momoyoga

Source: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/r?tab=mc

At the moment I built my own timetable with Bookings buttons:


But what I’m missing here is the information about, how many slots are open for each class.

I know there is a possibility to build the whole thing with Corvid (https://support.wix.com/en/article/corvid-tutorial-creating-a-bookings-timetable),

As I looked at the code, it would be for you Wix Bookings developers, not be a big deal to offer this second version with the weekly view. Should be done within a few hours. But for me to build this from scratch - that’s way too complicated and other little studios with only a few classes a week.

I and my team would be so happy to have the option to choose the timetable in a weekly view mode like this:

I guess there are more little studios using Wix, than big ones.
So it would be very beneficial to have this for all customers available.

And just another little thing:

In the German Language, we have another date order than in the US.
So it should be in the App “Montag, 5. Okt.” than “Montag, Okt. 5”.

Looking forward to hear from you.

I’d still up for a skype or zoom call, if you have further questions.

Best regards from Bern, Switzerland


@stemeier3 Hi and thanks for answering!

I’m happy to hear you are mostly happy with Wix Bookings. Feel free to share here any requests or ideas you have.

Regarding the timetable - this feedback is super valuable, I’m adding to this thread two of my colleagues, so they can also read your feedback: @ireenh @leighchen

Regarding the wrong date format on the app, I updated the relevant people here and we’ll fix it. Thanks!

Regarding a contact in the Wix Video team - I will find the relevant person and introduce you to them :slight_smile:


@maya-ekron You are outstanding Maya! :heart_eyes: Thanks a lot!

Hi @stemeier3 , thanks again for reaching out!

With respect to the suggestions you’ve gathered for Wix Video, I have informed the relevant department.

With respect to the layout of the Time Table, thanks a lot for your feedback, we have recorded it in our list!

With respect to the date format in the Wix Mobile app, I have opened a support request for our Customer Care department, and we will reach out when we have an update on that.

Thanks again for all your valuable feedback!

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@allaa Thank you so much for your actions and feedback.

Hi there, are there any updates regarding the timetable feature request?


Hi @maya-ekron I havn’t head anything of the Wix Video team?!
How can I connect with them?