#Feedback https://tarbeaty71.wixsite.com/sheisme2 - I'm submitting tomorrow to my client for first review on new book launch site...

Very nice! I liked the colors, the fonts and the design =) Well done!

Thank you Anna, that was nice of you to say, however I just noticed that a couple of my links from the Home page to different Anchors don’t work and for some reason the Article link title is missing and replaced with “We don’t have any products to show here right now.” on my iPhone???

Hey Tar, viewing on an iPad and this is how the gallery of B&W headshots looks!

I see the same, Janet!

Yes, thanks I saw that too, now I have to figure out how to handle that (more work)?

Hi Tar - I noticed the that in order to click the “Home” link in the top navigation bar, I have to hover my mouse over the ‘e’ in Home or the white space between “Home” and “About”. This seems to be the case in Chrome and Edge web browsers.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you, I have designed several sites in Wix and never experienced that before, good catch.

Anna, how do you like it now?

Great site mate. I would suggest changing the color of the cart to red or some other warm color to match the rest of the site.

Hi orbjeff - As it turned out, the “Home” button, up to the letter “e”, Hom was overlapped by the authors’ logo frame. I moved the frame in to the edge of the logo and that freed-up the “Hom” and now the button works entirely.

Thanks for pointing that out… good catch.