Beta Unlocked: 3 New Mobile Features!

That’s right - Not one, not two, but THREE NEW FEATURES!

Here are the features and links to the official beta announcement:
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Welcome Screen

You can check this site out as a live demo!

Feel free to post some of your AMAZING new creations! Huge thanks to @idan-cohen and Olga for presenting these amazing features to our community!


The BETAs are opened for you to try the 3 new products!!!


Can someone give me access to mobile beta please?

Hi everyone !
@idan-cohen , I begin to play with the new mobile menu !
I noticed an issue with the close button icon that is invisible :

Hey all,
Just had a play with the Welcome Screen. Notice two issues!

  1. The image I’ve uploaded for the loading logo is blurred. The actual image size I’m using is 4961x1199px so unsure why this is happening? Looks like it stuck in lazy image load function?

  2. Just tried to turn off the Welcome screen due to the logo being blurred. took it off editor, published site. But it remains!!! Can’t get rid of it!

I Wil check the blury image issue.
Did you click on remove to take it off editor?


I will check that

I struggle with optimizing my mobile load time. The welcome screen will help tremendously. I wonder how Google will read that. Will Google see a lower load time with this element or will it increase my load time of the page in Google’s assessment?

It should not effect it either way as we don’t show it to Google bots. Let me know know if this is not the case

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@idan-cohen Yes I did. Click publish, closed editor re-opened it. On the welcome screen it shows the + icon. But on the LIVE site it is still coming up.

@idan-cohen Thank you for the response. Would be nice if the less data in the Welcome screen is actually determined by Google to be the Home page. That way, Google will rate the load time as faster. Google is dinging pages that take longer to load. I think they measure when first elements start showing and then when all elements load. If the Welcome screen is included, and as you say, it is immediate, it might can help the assessment of load time rating Google does. My technical expertise in this is not high. So I may be wrong.

@tina we worked on this with our SEO expert at Wix. The best practice with welcome screen to to not show it to Google as there is not real content in IT. But again if you know different info about it please let us know

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amazing - but i have not received access yet - please access me :slight_smile: TNX

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@aurora yap - i have it - but i dont get the access.

@aurora yap - i have it also / i think i have to clear history first and get in to editor again .

Great JOB!

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Hi there,
The latest features are impressive and they are really important. Great job!
But I have a few questions.

  1. The welcome screen is displayed only when the site is first launched (any page). But I think that there are situations when the preloader must be displayed on every page of the site. For example when navigating. It was good if we could specify to display it on each page or only at the first launch.

  2. Do you have plans for animation not only the starting loader but also transitions between pages?

  3. Welcome screen works only on mobile devices. Should we expect to expand this functionality to the desktop version too?


Thanks @eugene for taking the time to feedback us. My answers:

  1. This is the first phase of this new product. It might be that in the future we will add this settings if we get many requests about it.

  2. As I said, it might be that we will add this in the future.

  3. Looking at the web trends, the welcome screen (AKA splash screen) is very trendy on mobile and not so much on desktop. This is why we started on mobile. We will consider opening it to desktop as well.

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@idan-cohen i am also experiencing the exact same issue. OMG…

@roberthamilton is your header is set to be freeze? we had a bug with that and we thought we have fixed it. If that is the case then we will take a look at the and fix it asap.