File protection, is there a better way?

Hi, re: using the file systems available on wix, have tried the available apps and also uploading into the media folders.

I have files available for download, behind a members only page that is accessed by paid plan holders.

Intention was to make those files available in a protected fashion and prevent/reduce leakage. (We know once downloaded, we can’t stop them being emailed or shared)

The problem though:
When hovering over the link or a button, the URL is visible and also can be copied, not a major problem, but if that link is copied and pasted, shared outside, the files are able to be downloaded, therefore defeating the purpose of having them behind a secure page.

I would of expected, that if a non member/customer tried to access the link, they should see a message that says they don’t have access.

Can privileges be set in the folders or file area to prevent direct sharing? Somewhere the protection needs to come from the root storage area!

Option, I did think about adding them to a product, but again, it sends a link that is shareable too. I believe it only lasts a few days so is better, BUT again, there’s an issue with paid members wanting to access these files, now having to go through the checkout process, and I dont think an item can be sold through WIX store with a zero value?

I’m also trying to prevent using another platform in conjunction with wix, as this would mean manually setting privileges on a different site after members sign up on the existing plan offered on my wix site, customers wouldn’t be excited about more logins and passwords :slight_smile:

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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Hi there, at the moment I don’t think it’s possible to set privileges to folders. This is great feedback, thank you. Hopefully someone can provide some additional insight.

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Thanks Steven, privelidges at folder level via a badge and plan would be amazing, this would replicate page restrictions and provide exactly whats expected from secure member access.

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