Filter dropdown results with date

I am creating an events site. I want to filter events by location, type and date (month, year)
I have followed an online tutorial linked below and have dropdown working with location and type but want to add date options.
While I know I can create two new fields in the database called “Year” “Month” I would prefer not to and have the dropdown linked to the datefield in the dtatabase.
Is this possible. Basically a user selects Month and Year from two different dropdowns and then the scripts checks that against the datefield in the database.
If not can I just add a date picker to the dropdown

Sample code I use is

function search ( ){ wixData . query ( “Properties” ). contains ( “status” , String ( $w ( ‘#dropdown1’ ). value )). and ( wixData . query ( “Properties” ). contains ( “propertieType” , String ( $w ( ‘#dropdown2’ ). value ))). and ( wixData . query ( “Properties” ). contains ( “title” , $w ( ‘#input1’ ). value ). or ( wixData . query ( “Properties” ). contains ( “agentName” , $w ( ‘#input1’ ). value ))). find (). then ( results =>{ $w ( ‘#propertiesRepeater’ ). data = results . items ;});

Here is a link to the tutorial any help welcomed

Really 480 people have read this but no one knows how to do it
Can it be done

I think the reason why nobody wanted to answer, is the fact, that working with time and dates is a very time-consuming coding part and can be very tricky.

Another reason why anyone answers is because you did not open your own post with your own detailed described issue.

It is always recommended to post your own post with own issued situation and problem description.

When working with dates i would say there are different ways of how to solve it.

maybe some more info about how to work with dates and times (timestamps / time-calculation) will help you…