Filter more than 1 dataset with Owner is logged-in user


Should I be able to filter more than 1 dataset by owner?

I have used this filter on a dataset and now, no matter what page I go on, when I try to filter any other dataset by owner, it will not allow me to do so.

The owner option is there but it will not allow me to select it.

Hi, there is only one restriction for dynamic page item dataset - it isn’t allowed to filter by owner such a dataset , no another restriction exists

Why on earth would they not allow you to filter by owner for item page. Trying to use an item page as an editor. But without that filter, a person can access other owners input and make changes.

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@jeff-haskins please add feature request or add such a filter with appropriate code added to filter by owner column by current logged in owner.

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Hi Guys, sorry for late response on this, @olesiaz thank you for you response, after this I took in your comment and started some investigation (Figured I was obviously doing something wrong). I initially thought it was because I had applied the dataset to a dynamic page then deleted the dynamic page but the dataset held it’s dynamic properties. I was wrong, I tried it with a new dataset and had the same issue.

It seems it was down to a little glitch and my own stupidity. When trying to highlight the owner option of the dataset, it always seems to be the bottom field, when it gets to the bottom of the selection of you want to filter the dataset the down arrow stops you from selecting the final option. Hence why I could the see it but not select it.

To get around this simply highlight the option above owner, press the down arrow on the keyboard and press enter.

Thanks for the responses, I have attached some pics to show what I mean.