Filtering Galleries Connected to datasets and Input Elements

Hey guys,

So I’m a beginner with coding. I have no knowledge of Wix code whatsoever and I want to build a custom personal inventory for my clothing. For the past year I have been reading, watching and trying anything online to help solve this issue from videos to corvid guides and I don’t seem to be getting how to do this. I find there aren’t many people explaining step-by-step how this is done for beginners and the Corvid live examples only confuse me more.

What I am trying to do is this: As you can see in the image, I have one page per category of clothing then in each page is the sub-categories arrayed in a slider gallery layout. I have a dataset in which I have filled all the columns with the information I have drop-downs and rating bars for and want to be able to filter the stuff on this page (that are all connected to the dataset of this page) with these input buttons I have (also being able to filter with many of these buttons combined not just on its own). I also want a search for each page and a separate overall website search. I have tried the filter and search people suggest on the dataset itself but this is not what I want, I want to achieve filtering and sorting solely through these input buttons I have at the top of the page and not the dataset.

Some of you are very skilled and if anyone knows how to do this and could take the time to show me with my specific example I would be so so grateful as I am at a dead end in this endeavour that I’ve really wanted to do for a while now.

if I understand correctly you are building a custom online store.

You can create a search with dropdowns and input element as instructed in the step by step tutorial here .

As for the ratings system, you can use the step by step tutorial here .

If you still require assistance, you can hire a Wix Partner using the guidelines here to help you achieve the desired functionality.

Can you check on this post –

Thank you for those links, i’ll check them out and let you know however i am not making an online store its just a private personal inventory for myself. I chose to make a website and not use stuff like Airtable, etc because I like having custom layouts and filtering options.

If you want to build just an simple inventory, then i would suggest you to do it in a custom way.

What does that mean? I am trying to build it in a custom way, thats why i need help understand how the coding works…

@russian-dima What does that mean? I am trying to build it in a custom way, the problem is I don’t understand the code as I am not a coder.