Fixing booking to contacts data

Hi! I’m new to Velo, but I’ve taken a C++ class and Web Design class in college about 5 years ago so I have some basic understanding of how things work.

We’ve started a party rental business and I’ve been able to Frankenstein Wix into doing what we need to operate. I’ve gotten this booking list working on our dashboard which I was pretty hyped about because it showed I could use Velo to improve our site. It’s made tracking orders much easier.(

My problem atm is that the booking form fields for last name and address don’t hand over properly, or at all, to the contacts form. This is wasting a ton of time having to copy that info over manually! I’ve tried searching the forums, but can only find things kind of related to this problem or things too complicated for me to comprehend yet.

Can anyone shine some light on this for me so I can save some time?!