Flip Image using code

Is there a way to use Wix code to flip an image horizontally and/or vertically? If not, I have java code that will do this, but I’m not sure how to integrate that into a Wix page (meaning user clicks a button, the custom code runs given an image on the website page and then outputs an image that can be displayed on the same page).

Thank you.

  1. option-1: trying to achieve your goal by using → wix-Animations.

  2. using an HTML-Component and pasting in your custom code.

3)generating a Custom-Element, perhaps the most difficult of the mentioned options.

Thank you for the reply.

  1. Wix animations can rotate, but they cannot flip. That option won’t work.

  2. and 3) I haven’t delved into before, but I’ll research those options.

Thanks again.

Your result could look like this… using CSS in an HTML-component.


@russian-dima Yes, that is a great effect. I’ll look into how to make it work.