Form fields out of order in submissions

Hello, I’ve built a long(ish) form with around 20 fields but when submissions come through via email they are all out of order. I’ve asked tech support who said to make sure I add the fields to the form in the order I want them. I tried this but it didn’t help. I also tried adjusting the stacking order but still no dice. Anyone else had this problem?

Yes. It’s come up in a few posts. I believe it’s an issue our team is aware of as the form submissions. Can you share the site so I can take a look?

Thanks Roberto, the test page I’ve been working on can be found here:

It seems to be in the right order in the content manager…

Here’s the order it comes through on the email…

Yes. This seems related to an issue that has been brought up. I think I see you already have a ticket about this but seems the team is investigating this.