Form submission and dynamic page not working

hi, I have a database set on 'FormSubmission" and created a dynamic page to display the info, but the dynamic page doesn’t show the elements submitted.

why my dynamic page doesn’t show the elements in my database?


Please elaborate on what is occurring or not occurring.
Did you connect the submit button to navigate to the dynamic page after submission?

You can find a tutorial for creating dynamic pages below.

Feel free to share your editor url here and we will look further.

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Hi, yes I connected the dataset to the Dynamic page and when someone submits the info it works perfectly but when I am on preview mode and wanna check the dymanic page, this gives me this error.

so what I did to solve this issue is was creating a new collection and whenever the users upload their contents I Export the database into the new one. And in this way it works

This is the link: