Form Submission Confirmation is Broken in PROD & Preview

I am not sure when this broke, but it is unfortunately definitely not working at the moment both within the Preview mode in EditorX and on a live site. ( The submission definitely happens because my automation behind the subscription checkbox works. However, the confirmation to the user indicating that the form was submitted on the website does not appear on it. I even modified it to appear for 8s and then “always” and it made no difference.

This is critical functionality for a friendly and smooth UX. Please fix it!

Thanks for bringing this up Plamena. I’ll check and forward this to the team. Want to make sure but it’s the form on the Contact page correct?

If so, let me know if it’s cool to test out since I don’t like information and possibly pinging you or triggering your animations if they’re linked to workflows, notifications, emails, labels, etc.