Functional testing is missing from Wix Studio

I’m trying the new code editor with Wix Studio and I’m not able to find how to do functional testing (New feature: Test your backend functions straight from the editor )

Is that feature moved or missing or deprecated?


Great question @Quentin_Plomteux! I’ll check with the team and get back to you :slight_smile:

Following this one as well!

Hey a Wix Velo official Dev here, I can confirm you that there is no backend functional testing available on Wix Studio. I shared my feedback with the Velo team.

The fact is that testing functions with logs can take 3 minutes each while functional backend testing takes less than a minute. Well, this doesn’t sound bad however when you have to build a web application that has over 8000 lines of code in the term of 3 months testing each 3 minutes, or testing in less than a minute for over 8 hours of daily work is a lot of wasted time.

Please bring this feature to Wix Studio. This adds tremendous value when programming web applications.

It’s becoming quite a lengthy process, indeed. Wix has initiated the migration from EditorX to Studio, but this transition cannot be completed until functional testing becomes available in the Pro-IDE.

The absence of this feature makes development in the Pro-IDE more challenging rather than enhancing the experience.

I’ve heard from the team on this recently and getting functional testing in Wix Studio is a priority.