Gallery Close Bug

Not really sure what’s going on here. I’ve created a dead simple dynamic page with one of the built-in repeaters lightly modified in order to exemplify the issue. The repeater is linked to a table, a line of text on the repeater is linked to a column in the table. I have a separate table holding images. Each image has a reference to a row in the first table. I have inserted one of the built-in galleries into the repeater. The gallery is hooked up to the second table such that it shows all images in that table that reference the current row in the first table.

On mobile only, both on my phone and the mobile preview in the editor, when I click on the gallery to enable the full-screen/immersive mode and proceed to tap on the ‘X’ to close the full-screen view, the page goes dead with the repeater no longer connected to the database and the URL then indicates that we’ve navigated to the page “blank”.

The site is using a real estate template, and one of the original pages was “Agents”. With my non-example page, this same thing happens but the URL indicates we’ve navigated to this non-existent “Agents” page while still showing the now dead dynamic page which was not located at /Agents.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Nicholas,

It seems like a problem on our end. We’re looking into it and we’ll keep you posted.


Thanks for looking into it, Alexander. Is there some ticket or issue I can follow along with?

Once it will be solved, I’ll update you here.

Hi @ben ,
We are inspecting it!