Dynamic page / pro gallery MAJOR bug


I have a repeater, when I click on an item the dynamic page open with a pro gallery.
I go back and click on another item, the dynamic page open but pictures in pro gallery are the same that previous item.
If a I reload the dynamic page then its ok.

It is always the case if the second I open after have more pictures than the previous one.
Sent email to support this morning, please reply it is urgent - site is live.

Please share screenshots\video to demonstrate the problem and the site URL so we can inspect.

this is a copy of the live site.
Click on first item in repeater
go back
and open the second item
you will notice images are the same as the first
reload the page and its fine


Have you looked and read the Wix Support pages that are already out there for this sort of issue.

Also, sometimes you are better off using just a normal gallery and not the Wix Pro Gallery app itself if you are wanting to modify a gallery with Wix Corvid, otherwise you are technically trying to modify the Wix app and your code could be conflicting or not working due to the Wix app overwriting any of your code for it.

Yes you will obviously lose some of the features that come with using the Wix Pro Gallery app, however these are the sacrifices that you have to make sometimes if you want to integrate code into a Wix Editor element as you can’t also integrate code into a pre-existing Wix app that is not currently possible.

@fbegue look at your console. You have errors there. For example, you have a code line:

if(itemx.image1.length >=1 & itemx.image2.length >=1 & itemx.image3.length >=1)

But sometimes you just don’t have 3 images (so image 3 doesn’t have a property .length) and it throws an error. Clean up the errors and it may resolve the issue.

and by the way, instead of using so many lines to populate the gallery, you could just do something like:

//pro gallery
let imageKeys = Object.keys(itemx).filter(e => e.includes("image"));
let galleryItems = [];
imageKeys.forEach(e =>  galleryItems.push({"src": itemx[e]}));
$w('#gallery1').items = galleryItems;
//This code will find the "image" field, process them and assign them to the gallery

@givemeawhisky changing the pro gallery to a normal gallery solved the issue.
Thanks for your help.