Get Data by Scraping Another Website?

So I’m not sure about the best way to make this happen so I thought I’d see what your thoughts are…

l am trying to scrape a website for certain data and pull it into my wix user input elements. I can get the data into Google Sheets using “importxml” and the data “xpath”.

  1. Is there a way to fetch the data from the Google Sheet and get it into a JSON or a WIX database?
  2. Is there something I can do in the backend of my website to simply use the website URL and xpath to get the data directly into WIX without using the Google Sheet?

I’m not very familiar with coding but any help anyone can provide for a direction to try would be much appreciated.

From what you are saying you can use Zapier to get this done.

Each time you perform a Data transfer it is counted as a ‘ZAP’ on zapier’s side and you have limited zaps per month according to the paid plan you have. Check it out.

Hi Ryan,
It sounds a bit complex coding task.
My suggestion is to try Wix Arena to hire an expert.
Please update in your progress.

Hy Ryan! Any updates? I’m curious to know how you managed the thing