Gift certificates or gift cards

Hello, I have a client that owns a restaurant the wants to sell gift certificates on his site. I can not believe wix does not have this option or anything that integrates or plugs in. Why Wix? You have restaurant templates, store templates, it is ridiculous that you do not have this option. I call and asked a month ago and I was told you would be adding that in 2 weeks. That was almost 2 months ago and now my client will not pay me for all the work I did. Any one else have this issue?

Hey Pamela! Thanks for your feedback, it is always nice to receive new ideas. You can ask for a #featurerequest in the support center and always check the status of your request. Once the feature is available you will be notified.

I saw someone in the community that created a request for gift cards, if you think it is relevant for you, you can vote here .

Please add Gifted gift cards to be used with Events!