Google Ads Conversion Tracking (button): Unexpected token in Google's HTML code

Hi there,

I’m trying to avoid a thank you page and would like to have the Google Ads conversion tracking being initiated when hitting the submit button of my contact form.

I successfully connected my Wix page and my Google Ads account but now I’m struggling to get the code to work.

I used the following code from Google which I copied without changing it:

In my Settings > Advanced > Custom Code I added this code like this:

On my “Kontakt” page I went on to add the second part of the code for the submit-the-form button:

export function button3_click ( event ) {
< button3_click onclick = “return gtag_report_conversion(‘theURLofmypage’)” > Submit </ button3_click >

I double-checked a few times and searched on Google an in this forum but what I found doesn’t match or I’m using the wrong search terms.

I’d really appreciate if someone can help me sorting that out.

Ka Yee